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Note: This map was created by the exceedingly talented Soraya Corcoran, who took all my random nonsense and fashioned this beauty. If you're a masochist and for some reason want to see the original maps, you can find them here

Location Guide



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Akoka Line – major ley running east/ west from state of Ioauck through Oreana and Ceilminster.

Babbitt – capital city of the state of Arcus.

Bone Ridge Mountains – massive range separating Newfield from the Mynan Nations.

Brimstone – the largest nodus in continent of Soltera. Outside the city of Oreana.

Broadus – capital of Overhurst.

Browns River – in the state of Miryamman and where the battle of Fieldhollow took place.

Crage – capital city of Lacus.

Cahan Pass – the pass through the Bone Ridge Mountains separating Newfield from the Mynan Nations. Held by Newfield and instrumental in keeping glassmen out.

Calhoun – capital city of West Neider.

Ceilminster – major city in Rhea and site of the university where the most prestigious Weavers study. Headed by an emet known as Greybone. Temporary capital of the Covenant during the Grand War.

Chacoog Line – minor line of ley near the city of Naddi.

Chateaugay – port city in the state of Karlwych.

Chilwist Basin – one of the places Loree outflanked Underhill during the Grand War due to Marta’s influence.

Chisana – capital city of Yuta.

Cienegas Line – ley outside of Naddi.

Cirde Line – ley running northeast from near Blue Point to Calhoun.

Coak Line – ley nearby Hillbrook Manor.

Cobre Oaks – a tiny town near the Ingios border in Rhea.

Crispenhofen – major trading city in the east due to the Sagle ley and Theade River.

Dama – a tolmen deep in Ingios territory south of Rhea.

Elon – capital city of Walshvan.

Farnham – small town in Walshvan.

Fieldhollow – a suburb town outside of Vrendenburg. 

Gungersburg – nodus hub on the Cirde Line. Named after the benevolent Emet Gunger.

Hammond – capital of Rhea.

Havant Mountains – range running north/ south from Nahuat on down.

High Manake Lake – lake in Lacus from which the Theade river begins. Runs both north and south since the lake is atop the highest plateau.

Hillbrook Manor – plantation where Marta grew up on the outskirts of Gatlin.

Hydford – port city in Acweald (not pictured).

Ichmul Line – ley traveling from Vrendenburg through Oreana and Hammond into Lacus.

Ichuguk Mountains – the major range dividing Nahuat and Yuta.

Joss – capital city of East Neider.

Kekoskee – capital city of state of Meskon.

Keysville – a small town in east Walshvan.

Kirk River – runs between Sinton and Hanahan.

Kuk Line – major ley running diagonally from Polis through Broad Baird and Chisana. Also passes through Fieldhollow near Vrendenburg.  

Lakeshire – major city in Meskon.

Lead Mine Hills – the southwest boundary of West Neider.

Lemoor – small town in Oan near Naddi and Ingios territory.

Limestone River – river in West Neider that feeds into Old Channel Lake.

Lilydale – small town on the Ichmul line.

Lisford – the Render/ Tinker university in New Albion. Equally prestigious among Renders as Ceilminster is for Weavers.

Meome – capital of state of Aoiu.

Mitkof Island – island in Arrowhead Lake in Arcus where the Traitors Brigade was trained.

Mueller Line – man-made line dividing Newfield into East and West.  

Nacpa – end of the Sagle line towards the bottom of Lacus.

Naddi – capital city of the state of Oan.

Naupin Line – diagonal ley from Chisana through Hammond to Kekoskee.

Old Channel Lake – the natural feature that separates East and West Neider.

Oldlin Gap – a major cliff outside Ceilminster.

Oreana – major city in Mimas and capital city of the Covenant during the Grand War. Famous for the massive nodus there named Brimstone.

Orono – town not far from Hammond in Rhea.

Pit, The – nickname for the Calderon Quarry in Overhurst where captured Eastern Shapers were held.

Plattsville – capital city of Ida.

Polis – largest city in terms of size and populous in Newfield. Capital of New Albion.

Point Place – larger city in East Neider near the Mueller and Akoka Lines.

Rutledge – fairly major city in Karlwych.

Sable Hill – Cyrus Livermore’s estate. Outside of Broad Baird in Nahuat.

Sagle Line – ley going from Gatlin south through Ceilminster and through Crispenhofen.

Saulshish Ocean – the ocean separating the continent of Soltera from the Auld Lands.

Sawmill Foothills – near the Ichuguk mountain range.

Sherman Pass – where Marta first encounters the daemons.

Sinton – major industrial center in southwest Nahuat.

Stone Cleaver – in East Neider and the location where Graff held a battle line all on his.

Suttonville – small town outside Kekoskee in Meskon.

Taloapus Nodus – nodus along the Cache Line in East Neider.

Tea Spring River – in Overhurst and near the Pit. Lets out in Broadus.

Tendoy Mountain Range – between Mimas and Nahuat.

Theade River – River running from Gatlin to the south through Rhea, Meskon, and Lacus.

Tlaplain – Westernmost Myna city-state. Used to control Lacus until the war with Newfield.

Vandiver Line – diagonal line running from Hanahan to Gatlin.

Vrendenburg – national capital of Newfield as well as state capital of Miryammyn.

Watkins Run – in West Neider and where Loree outflanking Underhill during the Grand War.

Yuaco – small town in Rhea west of Crispenhofen.

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