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This is a random collection of infographics I've been working on for my Forging Fantasy Realms worldbuilding series, as well as my blogging here and at The Fantasy Hive. I should (knock on wood) update this page whenever I come up with more, but don't hold your breath. 

Four Cs Worldbuilding.png
Maps Infographic.png

These following ones are from Worldbuilding for Fantasy Fans and Authors. 

This is my progression of worlbuilding fields...


As you can see, it deviates from N. K. Jemisin's own progression of Macroworldbuilding and Microworldbuilding. 


And then some random ones that probably need more context than is here currently. 

eating 1-5 batteries.png

And then this one, which is still my favorite diagram ever. From Homestar Runner. 

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