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Worlds can exist without stories, but fantasy stories cannot exist without a vibrant and enthralling world. But what makes a good fantasy world?

Be you a top-down planner, a bottom-up pantser, or a fantasy fan experiencing the worldbuilding from the inside-out, this comprehensive guide has you covered. Adopting a “tools not rules” approach, you will discover dozens of worldbuilding strategies, including:

  • Ineffective, effective, and inspired worldbuilding.

  • Designing comprehensive magic systems.

  • The four Cs of worldbuilding and how to use them.

  • The ins and outs of immersion.

  • Enhancing the audience experience with fantasy conceits.

Also featuring:

  • Case studies from famous worldbuilders.

  • Map design 101.

  • Survey results showing what audiences want.


Answers to these questions and more were once scattered throughout the realms, but have finally been compiled and synthesized for fantasy fans and authors alike. 

Practice Makes Perfect
Join me as I demonstrate worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips. Also includes worldbuilding case studies, writing strategies, and maybe a cocktail or two. 

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Bring your worlds to life!

Take your worlds to the next level in half the time with this comprehensive worldbuilding guidebook. For authors, DMs, and serious gamers, The Worldbuilding Workbook personalizes the process with over 750 worldbuilding prompts.


By establishing your goals, building a bible, combining fantasy conceits and analogue cultures, top-down and bottom-up strategies, and basic story structure, you’ll hone your own personal process to create new creatures, magic systems, and societies.


With over 25 infographics, illustrations, and charts, you’ll soon be fashioning unforgettable new fantasy worlds.  

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Take Your First Steps Into Worldbuilding

Ready to build your first fantasy world but don't know where to start? 101 Worldbuilding Prompts delivers just what it promises with 101 questions to guide you through the process. Focused on fantasy authors, the book includes:

  • Strategies for top-down planners and bottom-up pantsers.

  • An introduction into fantasy conceits and analogue cultures.

  • How to find your subgenre based on your worldbuilding. 

Questions have been broken down into the six fantasy categories:

  • Geography

  • Biology

  • Physics (Magic!)

  • Metaphysics

  • Technology

  • Culture...

...along with a list of additional 15+ worldbuilding resources.

Always FREE on Amazon!  


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