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Abet – the father of the first generation of the Blessed. Most people in the Auld Lands and Soltera believe they descended from him.

Acweald/ Acwealt – the country of origin for the early colonists of Soltera, their language called Acwealt.

Armor – what a Shaper calls the exoskeleton created from their fourth Breath.

Auld Lands – the continent on which Acweald resides. Has numerous different nations and cultures, including but not limited to (Country/ Language): Anamahn/ Mahnen, Bance/ Bancel, Drola/ Drolant, Ispan/ Ipsa, Ossan/ Ossain, Swadne/ Swadnish.

Ayr – the planet on which our story takes place.

Bix Sticks – a means of divination by tossing several different colored sticks and ascertaining the future or past based upon how they land.

Blessed – those with four fragments of Sol’s Breath within them rather than three.

Boor – a very derogatory slur for Ingios.

Breath – the fragments of Sol’s essence that reside in all living things as well as emets.

Brimstone – the largest nodus in Soltera and an overland trading hub in the form of its city Oreana.

Bug – insects are considered the lowest form of life due to the fact they are animals but only have one Breath in the Body rather than having a Mind. So to call someone a bug is an insult, meaning they are deficient.

Bust-head/ Bark Juice/ Red Eye/ O Be Joyful – cheap liquor.

Carrion Kind – Western opportunists that flooded the East to profit off the rebuilding of the decimated lands.

Ceilminster – a city containing a university and the Eastern center of learning, focusing on Weaver innovations under the tutelage of their Emet Greybone. One of the most populous in the East and nearly destroyed in the Grand War.

Cildra Clan – a family of spies reaching back to the Auld Lands and beyond. Have the highest levels of Blessed though few know of their existence.

Cousins – the sedentary section of the Dobra tribes, they set up communities in urbanized cities.

Covenant – the name the Eastern rebels took for themselves when they seceded from the Nation of Newfield.

Covenant Sons – the resistance movement by the beaten Eastern society intent on attacking the Carrion Kind and Ticks alike.

Creightonville – the first battle of the Grand War. Troops on both sides often yelled “Remember Creightonville” as their battle cry.

Daci/ Dacists – the equivalent of the Pope in the Auld Lands, ruling out of the nation of Ossan. He follows the Sanct Daci in the belief of peaceful coexistence between Renders and Weavers, the followers of this dominant sect known as Dacists.

Daemons – monstrous festations created during the war by the desperate Weavers. The size of buildings, they were also immune to Renders’ drawing due to their glass hearts.

Dead Breath – the ability to summon and speak with the Breath of dead individuals. Said to be just a myth, but stories of this heinous act have plagued the Ikus Dobra tribe for centuries.

Dobra – a tribe of people from the Auld Lands without a home of their own. Due to their interbreeding, they have a much higher percentage of the Blessed and make up the communications network of Ayr with their abilities.

Drawing – the act in which Renders and Weavers manipulate Breath around them. Both must physically gesture to perform this action.

Dunder/ Dregs/ Bottom Pull – an insult implying someone is the bottom of the barrel.

Emet – naturally occurring creatures formed by the random melding of three fragments of Breath at a nodus. Can only communicate with Renders and Weavers and can be either benevolent, malevolent or indifferent to humans. Some exist for centuries while others fade away in a matter of days. Must stay close to Ley or will dissolve away.

Engel – a benign emet. Pronounced with a hard g.

Fervors – a sect of pacifists in the West who take no part in the established government.

Festations – artificially constructed manifestations made permanent by creating them with only Breath in the Body and Mind but without a Soul. Not considered living things and obey their creator implicitly. Equal in size, strength and intelligence to a human.

Fieldhollow – the location of the last battle of the Grand War, the outcome dependent on this skirmish alone. One of the bloodiest battles in recorded history.

Filament – the device used to create an electrical charge by directing the flow of Breath through it. The basis of most mechanical power in Ayr.

Gast – when a human dies but their Breath does not separate to join the flow, the unnatural remains are known as gasts that linger around the site of the death.

Gatlin – the state capital of Mimas and Marta’s home town.

Gazer – some believe that each fragment of Breath carries the memories of every entity it was ever a part of for all time to bring this information to Sol in the Harvest. The Gazer Weavers are capable of regressing an individual into their past lives.

Ghul – a malevolent emet.

Glassmen – similar to vampires in that they can become immortal by feeding off the Breath of other living beings. Glassmen are incredibly rare, physically powerful and able to use psychic abilities. Abhorred by all and killed on sight in Soltera.

Grand War – the civil war between the East and West in the Nation of Newfield.

Greybone – the resident emet at Weaver university of Ceilminster who provided many of the innovations they used in creating the Festations and Daemons.

Harvest – the return of Sol where he will judge the planet of Ayr and take those still living with him into their version of Heaven if found worthy.

Imbued – a metal item that has had a dying person’s Breath flow through it. Practiced by the Ikus tribe of Dobra and said to endow the object with magical effects. 

Ingios – the indigenous people of Soltera, they have been driven off their lands by the recent settlers.

Kirk – a church where Render beliefs are taught.

Ley/ Lines of Ley – equivalent to rivers and streams made up of the flow of fragments of the Breath of Sol. Though invisible during the day, they glow at night and provide the free energy for the populous by being harnessed through filaments and spark boxes.

Listener – a Blessed with the fourth Breath residing in the Mind. Able to hear the thoughts of others.

Lockblade – a primitive switchblade activated by flicking the knife. Known to be favored by the Dobra.

Luz Jars – glass jars used to capture fragments to provide light. The fragment must be released within 24 hours under penalty of law.

Manifestations – the original constructs of Weavers, containing three fragments of Breath. Only last about a day and are completely devoted to their creators.

Mynan Nations – a loose grouping of savage city-states on the other side of the Bone Ridge Mountains and original claimants of the state of Lacus. Fought a war with Newfield and lost control of the state.

Newfield – the relatively new nation dominating most of the territory of the continent of Soltera. A republic made up of states presided over by a president.

Nodus – a nexus where two or more Lines of Ley intersect. Plural: Nodi.

Oreana – the Eastern capital city during the Grand War. Nestled next to the continent’s largest Nodus of Brimstone, it is the center of trade for the entire nation.

Pit, The – the nickname for the Calderon Quarry prison for Eastern Shapers.

Polis – the state capital of New Albion, and largest city in the nation in terms of size and influence.

Render – a Blessed with an extra Breath in the Soul, Renders believe all Breath should continue flowing unhindered and consider all Manifestations/ Festations/ Emets to be abominations. Carry glass weapons to aid them in their quest to keep all Breath flowing freely.

Sanct – a saint, though can be thought of more of as a philosopher since there is no direct interaction between humans and Sol. They put forth ideas of how to best follow the inspiration of Sol and are given their rank by the Daci.

Shaper – a Blessed with a fourth Breath in the Body and capable of creating powerful exoskeletons called Armor around them.

Sol – the deity that gave life to the planet of Ayr by sacrificing himself to provide the Breath that flows through all living things.

Soltera – the continent on which Newfield and the Mynan nations reside, and where our story takes place.

Sororal – a nun in the Dacist tradition.

Spark Box – a small device that carries an electric charge like a battery and is replenished by placing it in Ley. Used to power small Tinker created devices.

Stained – some believe is someone commits a terrible sin then their Breath will forever be tainted by it and upon forming a new body after the original sinner’s death will compel the new body to perform the same sin. Many psychological problems like obsessive compulsion are explained away by this phenomenon though the Daci church does not acknowledge this in their cannon.

Ticks – those in the East who assist the Carrion Kind in the process of rebuilding the East after the war. Considered a vile insult since everyone believes bugs to be the lowest form of life, bloodsucking ones the worst.

Tolmen – refers to the dangerous area around a nodus with a particularly large abundance of malevolent ghuls. No one knows why or how these exist, but Renders must usually be sent in to destroy the creatures, followed by Weavers to “purify” the site so it will not spit out more entities. Comes from an Ingios word since these do not exist in the Auld Lands.

Traitors Brigade/ Furies – a Western brigade made up of captured Eastern Shapers. Instrumental in the war, they have been disbanded. Branded on the forehead with the emblem of Newfield, the few survivors are hated by both sides and are currently in limbo as they seek to eke out an existence.

Vradra – one of Waer’s assistant demons and said to be the progenitor of the Glassmen. 

Vrendenburg – the capital city of Newfield and center of government.

Waer -  the first Emet and active antagonist against Sol and all humans. Female equivalent to the Devil in Christian theology, but considered more of a metaphor for temptation these days.

Wanderer – Dobra itinerates who migrate down the ley and set up encampments outside of established communities. Similar to gypsies and mistrusted by the general populous but necessary due to their abilities to send messages down the ley.

Weaver – a Blessed with a fourth Breath in the Soul and diametrically opposed to the Renders. Able to manipulate Breath to create Manifestations, Festations and Daemons.

Whisperer – a Blessed with a fourth Breath in the Mind. Able to hear other individuals’ surface thoughts through a limited form of telepathy.

Yerak – the Mynan name for Sol, a much more bloodthirsty version of the creator deity who revels in the slaughter of the weak by the strong.

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