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Rites of Passage eBook Layout for KDP Upload.jpg

Corbin James has never been so lost. Able to dowse since a kid, he’s adept at finding missing things. But after weeks on the run from the FBI, the teen’s luck has finally run dry.

Enter the enigmatic Mister with a tempting offer: find an enchanter who has disappeared inside the mysterious Harmon House. Recruited into a reluctant crew of motley magicians, Corbin only has days to navigate their shifting loyalties to earn his freedom by entering the Inner Circle.

Lucky for him he’s got his trusty dowsing rod, a defaced 50-cent piece, and enchanted iPod.

Ghost Stations eBook Final Layout.jpg

Corbin and crew invade NYC, where a new drug that targets magicians has flooded the streets. 

Magic Symbols Infographic.png

A quick guide to the Inner Circle symbols.

Sigils will show up... some day...


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