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"You say monster manual, we say ingredients list."


Of all the websites in all the worlds, in all the realms, you've come to the right spot. If you’re hungry and love BBQ almost as much as you love slicing a bloody swath through beasts, monstrosities, and aberrations that is. Because we at Bugbear BBQ truly believe the greatest gain from adventuring is not the treasure or experience, rather the treasurerous experience of truly good barbecue!


Drawing from the three great schools of barbecue, Human, Dwarf, and Hobgoblin, we here at Bugbear BBQ aim to take the magic out of good cooking and put it in the hands of every everyday adventurer out there.


Because what’s the point of saving the world(s) if the eats is lousy?


Be it owlbear or umber, pixie or pikachu; we’ve got the right recipe for you. So sit back, fire up the smoker and crack a brew, because we’ll take you through the process; from getting the right cut, choosing the perfect wood, brining the brute, to side and drink parings.


Because we at Bugbear BBQ believe it’s a wild, wondrous world(s) out there, full of fabulous and fearsome fiends, massive monsters, and crazy critters.


And we want to eat ‘em all!

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