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Common Dobra Words

The Dobra language is a simple one, sort of like Esperanto in that it’s really, really basic and universal. Because the Dobra span the globe, they often mix it with the other languages of the countries in which they live. So they speak a sort of pidgin at home in their camps, but keep this core vocabulary/ grammar so they can communicate with any Dobra anywhere along the ley. It’s not great for poetry, but it has served them well for centuries.


-ano/ ana – suffix for “group.” Therefore a fire where they gather around in camp is a “yogano”

Athi – danger/ bad

Bar – big

Bel – spirit

Bieta – second in command, like a dog in that this person is sent to bite

Bosh – fiddle

Capper – a trinket sold to outsiders

Chis – court/ justice/ authority

Culla – soul

Doli – fool

Don – has/ is

Gads – clothes (dressed up), like duds

Gaji – a non-dobra

Ghil – pretty lady/ girl

Grubber – lower class (what most cousins call wanderers but also used within the tribes)

Hai- prefix meaning big/ grand

I- prefix meaning “without”

Ix – without, but like bereft.

Igaj – non-Dobra who are friendly to the Dobra

Kuti – good/ fine

-la/lo – suffix meaning “little”

Milo – spirit/ gast/ Breath of the dead

Nadsi – the Dobra people  

Rabe – a high ranking member in the Cousin communities

Rin – pretty

Tshi – a knife/ lockblade

Tsor – thief within the tribe; a criminal among Dobra and killed on sight

Vurd – wagon

Wolari – the micro tribes Wanderers travel in

Yog – fire

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