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How It Works

The Short Version:

  • Go to this link. It's a Google Form, and no, I won't/ don't collect anything about you other than your picks. You will have to put a name in to track though. It can be anything, but please try to keep it clean. Or at least funny. 

  • Pick three books from each of the participating blogs, designating your "#1 Choice" as the one you think they're going to put through to the finals.

  • This one will be worth 5 points if you're right.

  • If any of the three you pick make it to that blog's final round, then you get 2 points for EACH ONE. 

  • Yes, your #1 Choice is worth 7 points total from being a finalist for the blog and then their final pick. At least by my math. 

  • Check here to make sure your info was entered. You'll be at the bottom. It also might take a minute to load, so refresh like the wind. But there's also a search function if you remember the name you entered. But seriously, refresh before you complain it's not there. 

  • You should probably post your entry name somewhere public to prove it's actually you. Because, again, I'm not keeping track. 

  • Once the participating blogs pick finalists, the scores will be updated automatically. Probably by magic. Or spreadsheets. Probably both.

  • Challenge your friends, enemies, and random encounters to beat you and your selections. And know you can kick sand in the face of anyone on the internets with a lower score than yours. And yes, that includes people who aren't even playing. 

The Long Version:

Wait, I think the previous section pretty well sums it up. So I guess this is the real short version. Awesome. 


Q: Are you affiliated with SPFBO?

A: I do follow Mark plus several of the involved blogs (well, all now), and my book's entered in this year's competition. But no, I'm not doing this in any official capacity.

Q: Then why are you doing this?

A: It's amazing what an author will do to avoid writing a sequel, ain't it? Also, this sort of stuff was what I used to do when I worked in an office years ago, and I wanted to see if my skills had degraded at all. Also-also, if people just so happen to discover this here blog and start stopping by on the regular, then all the better. 

Q: That's 300 books to pick through, so how do I make my selections?

A: Check all those Goodreads lists to the left of this page to get up to date on all the books for each blog. How you pick yours is up to you though. 

Q: You got something wrong, either on your site or on the Goodreads list.

A: That's more of a statement than a question, but use the comments section below, unless you want to use the contact me field on the front page. Also, several of the entries did not have Goodreads profiles, and if I also couldn't find them on the Goodreads master list then I didn't include it on mine. 

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: I don't see why not. 

Q: Can I enter the same book more than once per blog?

A: Damn, are you sure of your pick. Well, the system seems to handle it, so I guess you'll rack up extra points if you're right. 

Q: How come there's no score yet?

A: Probably because the blogs haven't picked finalists yet. When they do, it will update. After I eventually wake up and enter the info that is. 

Q: Can I still enter now that the blogs are already naming semifinalists?

A: Yes, yes you can. Soon as the blogs make their announcements, I mark them at the bottom of the spreadsheet and then mark them as (SF) in the Google form. This means it is now ineligible for the 2-point status, but still can be selected as your 5-point #1 pick. 

Q: Who made that awesome header image?

A: Sally from the Qwillery. Feel free to go shower her with your adulation. She also probably wouldn't mind cash. 

Q: Can't you make the questionnaire/ form more better?

A: Honestly, no. But that's because I opened Google Forms for the first time, then brought the info over through their Sheets to my site in about an hour's time. There's a significant learning curve there, and if you have some suggestion how to make them more better, then I'm all ears. Use the contact form, or better yet the below comments section I just added seconds ago. 

Q: Don't some of the blogs have more finalists than others. How is that fair?

A: I guess it's not, but it sort of comes out in the wash since everyone won't be getting the same chances of points of those same sites. It's a level playing field, I promise. 

Q: What do I win if I have the highest score?

A: See above about sand-kicking privileges. 

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