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Weekly Roundup July 31st, 2021

I realized today I could better update my blog by, you know, actually updating it once a week. I've had a lot more activity going on at my YouTube channel (links below), and figured I might as well document them here as well.

Bullet point updates from this last week:

  • I've put up a "special edition" hardback copy of Worldbuilding for Fantasy Fans and Authors, which I had to do on my own since my cover artist is being all artistic about it. I wanted to put color illustrations in there, but that would have driven the price up to $47 a piece, and I couldn't justify that.

  • I should receive the audio version of said same book this week, which means it should be out for your earballs later this month.

  • My Fantasy Worldbuilding Workbook comes out August 12th!

  • So I'm hosting a giveaway:

Pretty cool, huh?

Also, if you'd like to know to use niches and divergent evolution, I got you covered:

And if you're really masochistic, you can watch me apply those techniques to built a new world with dragons, demigods, and cannibalism:


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MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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