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Rites of Passage: New Urban Fantasy Book Out April 1st

No, this isn't an April Fools' joke. I have written something new. Something fictional as well. More details will come later, and I'll probably do a video breaking this thing down. But for now know that it's on preorder over at Amazon for $3.99, which is a dollar cheaper than it will be when it drops.

Because people still say "drops," right? The cool kids?

As I said, I'll do more in depth stuff later, but it's probably easier to say what this book is rather than what it isn't. It's a non-Dresden-clone detective story that takes place within a mystical society circa 2008. Also, perhaps a haunted house and enchanted iPod. It's urban fantasy, but with no vampires, shifters, or fae. And definitely no kissy-stuff. The body count is low enough to call it cozy, but there's probably too much cosmic and body horror for it to get slotted there. It's comps are Rivers of London and Library at Mount Char if you can imagine that sort of mashup.

So, without further ado, here's the cover and blurb:

Corbin James has never been so lost. Able to dowse since a kid, he’s adept at finding missing things. But after weeks on the run from the FBI, the teen’s luck has finally run dry.


Enter the enigmatic Mister with a tempting offer: find an enchanter who has disappeared inside the mysterious Harmon House. Recruited into a reluctant crew of motley magicians, Corbin only has days to navigate their shifting loyalties to earn his freedom by entering the Inner Circle.


Lucky for him he’s got his trusty dowsing rod, a defaced 50-cent piece, and enchanted iPod.


Author Image.jpg

MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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