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A Slew of Updates

Sorry for the radio silence all three of you regular readers. I wish I could blame the little man for this absence, but it’s entirely on me. But fear not, I have not been idle.

Most of my recent efforts have been going into the guild I mentioned last time, Sigil Independent. Over the last few months we’ve been putting this thing together and it’s finally coming to fruition, which is pretty exciting. So, if on the off chance you read this blog but aren’t already a fan of some of the best fantasy authors out there (and me), namely Dyrk Aston, Ben Galley, Rob Hayes, Alec Hutson, Michael McClung, D. E. Olesen (my blarguing partner in Critical Hits), Benedict Patrick, ML Spencer, and Phil Tucker, you should check out the site.

You should also pick up our free sampler, which is complete with a Choose Your Own Adventure prologue that I might have had a hand in. I’m pretty proud of the thing.

We’re doing a slow motion soft launch on the guild, with the unofficial announcement coming during my guest spot on The Fantasy Fiends Podcast where they did a reading of the CYOA prologue to our sampler. Unfortunately my internet connection wasn’t any good, but if you want to check out the CYOA, I’ve queued it up.

Wait, that was a lie, Wix won't allow me to queue up in an embedded link. But it occurs at the 48 minute mark.

Oh yeah, it looks like Novel Playlists From Fantasy Novelists is being resurrected and will gain new life over at The Fantasy Hive. My first guest (at that location at least) will be the excessively entertaining RJ Barker in honor of his second book Blood of Assassins. I very much enjoyed his first book Age of Assassins, which I bought after hearing his interview on The Grim Tidings Podcast. He mentioned some goth country bands then, and I reached out to find out what those bands are. So he's been on my musical radar/ playlist wishlist for a while.

And finally, in what has to be the best review idea I’ve ever seen, The Tome & Tankard Inn creates signature cocktails to go along with Wol’s awesome reviews. The Woven Ring was lucky enough to be one of the books, and received one of the most interesting cocktails in existence; one involving coffee ice cubes (I will note that fellow guild member Ben Galley’s signature cocktail involved pop rocks).

So of course I had to avail myself to this awesome concoction. And believe me, it was awesome. It’s basically a whiskey based White Russian, which has never been my drink of choice. But the addition of the coffee ice cubes really adds to the flavor, bringing it out the longer you drink and the cubes melt.

And no, I can't explain why the head of Nixon decided to crash this little party of mine or why he's cut out of the bottom two photos.

So there you go, everything I’ve been up to over the last few weeks. And the next few may be a little scant when it comes to details because I’m putting together a few guest posts to properly announce Sigil to the world. But soon as that’s done, I promise it will be back to your regularly scheduled program.

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MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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