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Waer’s Winter And The First Yule

[From the Biba Sacara, Book 8, Chapter 19]

And Waer wandered the land, making all Ayr her home but finding no rest. For the engles warred upon her whenever she came across them, and so the Children of Sol clung close to the safety of the scattered nodi no matter their tribe. The protection of Sol’s children enraged Waer, and so she made her mischief by poisoning the Great Nodus. And as she did, a great cloud rose up into the heavens, blocking out the sun and showering the land in black.

In the land of Baca lived a righteous man by the name of Anders, and Anders did his all to abide by the will of Sol.

Then Waer’s darkness descended upon the land of Baca to steal the life from Anders’ village. Knowing Anders as a righteous man, the people of Baca came to him the first day the sun did not rise. “Blessed by Sol,” they cried out. “Anders, plead with Sol to turn this plague from us.”

But Anders knew the Sol could not be bargained with and told the people of Baca to hold fast to the knowledge their plague of darkness was the will of Sol. Angry, Anders’ neighbors went away.

A season passed, and without the sun to warm them, the people of Baca gnashed their teeth in Waer’s unnatural winter. Without the sun to bathe them, their crops refused to grow, and hunger devoured them bite by bite. Again the people of Baca came to Anders to demand he intercede with Sol, and again Anders told them to trust the will of Sol. This enraged them, and they beat Anders until his blood watered the soil.

Still Waer’s winter would not cease, and so Anders’ neighbors turned away from Sol and offered animal sacrifices to Waer if she would but end the endless winter. But Waer only laughed at their suffering and the people of Baca suffered still.

Another two seasons passed, and Waer’s winter became bitter and endless. Many died from hunger, among them Anders’ wife, and soon the people of Baca ate the flesh of the dead. But hunger still gnawed them, and their ravenous eyes turned upon the living. As his neighbors now hated him, Anders knew they would soon turn upon his family.

So Anders took the last of his grain, the stores he meant to sow the next season that now would never come, and baked a single loaf of bread. This loaf he gave to his treasured daughter Youell, for he knew his neighbors would come for them that night and could not bear that she might return to Sol’s flow still hungry.

But Youell was a righteous child and could not stand to see her father go hungry either. So she broke her meager loaf in two to share. And when she did, Anders beheld that her loaf was not diminished upon removing his share.

So they divided Youell’s loaf again, and again it did not diminish, and the two feasted.

Realizing the portent the two held in their hands, Anders called to his neighbors, inviting them all to join them at their meal. So the people who had turned their backs upon Sol returned to Him as they joined Anders and Youlle.

And for that night there was peace again among the Children of Sol.

The next morning, they awoke and found the black clouds rolled away, Waer’s endless winter finally ended. So they took Youell’s loaf and divided it ten times ten then ten again, sowing the pieces like seed. And in the spring the bread sprouted and grew into a great harvest, saving the people of Baca.

And so they knew Sol watched over them all and protected the just who abide by the will of Sol.

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MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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