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The Birth of the Dobra Tribes

[From the Biba Sacara Book 1, Chapter 15]

Now it came to pass that Dobradab traveled to many lands but was welcome nowhere because of his father Abet’s curse upon him. And he had neither kindred nor possessions to call his own and suffered greatly for two hundred and seventy years.

But as the years passed Dobradab finally came to a land that did not know of his curse. And he came unto the land of Menth where he found the tent of Corag, who welcomed him as a traveler. And Corag had three daughters: Sarai, who was clever, Garah, who was industrious, and the youngest Marme, who was very fair.

Dobradab soon desired Marme but Corag refused to give her as a wife since she had two older sisters. So Corag said unto Dobradab, Take my oldest Sarai as your wife for she is clever. And with her hand I will give you half my lands and herds. Tempted by such easy fortunes, Dobradab accepted Corag’s offer, taking half his lands and stock.

And with Sarai Dobradab had three sons: Levin, Hammat, and Naphat. And all three were born Listeners like their father. And his children too had children and for a while Dobradab was content.

But Dobradab still desired the fair Marme and asked Corag to take her as a second wife. Corag refused, saying, Gaze not at my youngest. Instead take her older sister Garah, for she is industrious, and with her hand I will give you half my lands and herds. Tempted by such easy fortunes, Dobradab accepted and claimed half of Corag’s remaining lands and stock.

And with Garah Dobradab had three more Listener sons: Kaad, Charmor, and Rax. And his children with Garah too had children, and for a while Dobradab was content.

But Dobradab still desired the fair Marme and asked Corag for her hand. Corag refused but Marme whispered in his ear from sunup until the moon rose and finally Corag relented. And with Marme’s hand he gave Dobradab half his remaining land and herds. And though this was the smallest of dowries, Dobradab was most pleased with them.

And with Marme Dobradab had three more Listener sons: Koli, Gacu, and Sham. And his children with Marme too had children, and Dobradab was content for five and twenty years.

And it came to pass that Dobradab’s flocks and family grew until they spread over the entire valley of Menth. But one day a traveler from the land of Shen passed through the valley with his virgin daughter Ikus. And though he was growing old and old again, Dobradab desired Ikus once his eyes fell upon her. So Dobradab entreated the traveler to share his tent and plied him with sweet wine until he was within a stupor. And when he was sure his guest was asleep, Dobradab lay with Ikus for she was willing.

Unaware of Dobradab’s treachery, the traveler departed with his daughter Ikus. But months later he returned with Ikus, her belly swollen with Dobradab’s child.

Dobradab denied having known Ikus, but his sons were Listeners and knew their father’s lie. So Dobradab took Ikus into his family, not as a new wife but as a handmaiden. And Ikus gave birth to a daughter she named Adbee and for a while Dobradab was happy.

But soon Dobradab’s wives Sarai, Garah, and Marme began to envy the young Ikus because Dobradab still desired her and looked upon her daughter Adbee with more sweetness than their sons. So they said unto each other, Surely Ikus will sway his thoughts against our sons, his true heirs, and give all our father’s wealth to Adbee.

Their hearts hardened against the handmaiden, Dobradab’s wives whispered in his ear and poisoned his mind against Ikus until the sight of her and Adbee caused him great distress. So Dobradab supplied Ikus with one wagon, one she-ass and one he-ass and cast them out.

And so Ikus departed and knew many other husbands and begot many more children. And the descendents of Ikus were considered cursed even among the cursed.

[Book 1, Chapter 17]

Finally Dobradab knew it was time for his cursed Breath to return to Sol’s flow and he called all his sons to him. And in his final moments Dobradab revealed his father Abet’s curse upon him, that neither he nor his descendents would find any peace so long as Waer’s stain remained within them.

And Dobradab’s descendants despaired for they did not know they were stained until they heard their father’s words. And when Dobradab’s Breath departed him they did not bury him, but instead tossed his body upon the midden heap.

Knowing now that they were stained, Dobradab’s sons broke into eight tribes and spread far and wide, traveling all of Ayr and knowing every corner of it. And wherever they spread they knew each other and spoke through the web of ley.

And wherever they spread they found no contentment because they brought the stain of Dobradab’s sin with them.

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MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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