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The Birth of the Emets and the Engel Revolt

[From the Biba Sacara Book 1, Chapter 8]

Waer and her children hounded the five tribes of Sol and torment them wherever they were found on Ayr. But the Children of Sol continued to be fruitful and multiply despite Waer and her daemons.

And soon Waer’s children Bleim and Kor became envious of Waer and her husband Vradra. Wishing to possess the power of Waer, Bleim and Kor too desired progeny like the Children of Sol. So they came to a nodus and each tore off one of their Breaths to cast into the nodus. And from their Breaths a new creature called an emet emerged from within the nodus. And they named the emet Ghala.

Rejoicing greatly at their cursed spawn, Bleim and Kor ordered Ghala to torment Sol’s Children and the emet agreed. But because Bleim and Kor were lesser than Waer, Ghala was lesser still and unable to leave the nodus of its birth. So Ghala remained at the nodus like a spider in its web to torment any of the Children of Sol that came upon it.

Bleim and Kor then came upon another nodus and each tore off a Breath. And again a new emet emerged. But because they were even lesser now due to their loss of Breath, their new child refused to hear their voices and refused to take a name. Though they commanded it to torment Sol’s Children, the emet would not hear their voices and ignored any of the Children of Sol that chanced upon it.

Troubled by their progeny’s disobedience, Bleim and Kor came upon the Great Nodus that spawned them all and each tore off one of their Breaths and cast it within. And again a new emet emerged and called itself Agelus. And Bleim and Kor rejoiced because this emet was far stronger than their last two progeny.

But when they commanded Agelus to torment the Children of Sol the emet refused because it saw that mankind was Sol’s chosen. And so Agelus turned against its parents and smote them greatly and sent them away.

Chastised by their child, Bleim and Kor returned to Waer. And soon Waer noticed their loss of Breath and inquired thereupon. And when Waer learned of Bleim and Kor’s deeds and offspring the emets she rebuked them terribly until they moaned with their suffering for Waer knew that Sol’s Children now had an ally in Agelus.

[From the Biba Sacara Book 2, Chapter 2]

Once there dwelled an emet called Mataris at the nodus Mata. And the Children of Sol settled there, protected from the daemons by the engel and enjoyed the fertile ground all around.

But soon Waer learned of this engel and descended upon the tribe with her daemons with her wrath. And they caused much carnage to the Children of Sol. Though Mataris was strong and doing the will of Sol, the engel was unable to overcome Waer and her host. So Mataris called out to Sol for aid.

And since Mataris was doing the will of Sol by protecting His children, Mataris’ message traveled along the ley and reached all the emets dwelling within their nodi. And those emets that descended from Ghala could not hear Mataris’ message while the emets descending from the nameless emet ignored the message.

But the emets that descended from Agelus heard Mataris’ cry and knew the cause was righteous.

And so they came to Mataris’ aid, able to travel along the ley to the nodus of Mata because they were doing the will of Sol. And through this miracle they gathered a great army of engels and chastened Waer and her daemons.

So the army of engels and daemons did battle for many days, their clashes carrying on throughout the nights. And because they were doing the will of Sol the engels smote the daemons, destroying them each and every one until only Waer and her husband Vradra remained.

Though Waer called out for her husband’s aid, Vradra fled his certain destruction and left his mother to face Mataris and the army of engels alone.

Taking the form of a great beast, Waer did battle with Mataris. And they smote each other terribly, each blow a crash of thunder that flattened the earth. And the carnage was terrible, the Breath of the dead rising into the air until the night was bright as day.

But Waer could not overcome Mataris and the righteousness of the engel cause. And so she fled and was banished to the wild lands where ley flowed.

Delighting in their victory over Waer and the destruction of her daemons, Mataris then swore the engels would forever protect the Children of Sol from Waer and that their nodi would forever be havens for His chosen to settle.

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MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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