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Waer and the Splitting of Sol's Children

Previous Stories in this cycle: Sol and His Chosen.

[From the Biba Sacara, Book 1, Chapter 2.]

And it came to pass that the Children of Sol multiplied across the face of Ayr, daughters and sons born unto them each according to type. And the Children of Sol became numerous, living together in peace in one great tribe that covered the land.

But then evil came to Ayr.

The spirit Waer was made of Black Breath and had long despised Sol and the great things He had wrought. So she followed Sol on His travels through the void, nipping at His heels like a cur in eternal opposition to Him. But Waer was weaker than Sol and it took her many eons to find Ayr, finally falling down to the earth like a flaming star that shook the land.

And so she arose to see the wonders of Ayr, the Plants, Animals and Man that Sol created with His sacrifice. Waer saw Sol’s creations were good, but she felt hatred in her heart when she beheld the Children of Sol because they were His chosen.

Taking the form of a great beast, Waer fell upon the great tribe and caused much suffering. But the Children of Sol stood as one against her and Waer could not overcome Sol’s chosen. And they cast her out, banishing her to the wild lands where the ley flowed.

There Waer wandered alone with hate in her heart and envy at Sol’s chosen for many a year until she came upon the Great Nodus, the first and largest of its kind. Wishing to become like Sol, Waer sought to create life as He had done. So she tore off one of her own Black Breaths and cast it into the Great Nodus. And upon touching her Black Breath the nodus spit it out.

But Waer’s Black Breath clung to Sol’s sacred Breath, and when it emerged it sprung up as the first of Waer’s children, a being made of Breath but without true life. And Waer called the first of her children Vradra, meaning life without Sol.

Though Vradra called Waer mother, she took him as a husband since she wished to be like the Children of Sol and multiply upon Ayr. And together they made more of their kind, their children including Bleim, the lord of lies, and Kor, the great destroyer. And Waer called these scores of her children daemons and was pleased by their blasphemy against Sol.

Together with her daemons, Waer again beset the Children of Sol and did them much harm. Unable to overcome Waer and her daemons, Sol’s chosen suffered greatly and their grand tribe was reduced by half and then half again.

Knowing that they could not withstand Waer’s army of daemons, the Children of Sol separated into five tribes, each according to type, and fled in the night unto the far corners of Ayr.

Awaking on the morrow, Waer discovered the splitting of Sol’s tribe and realized she could not follow them all. Waer gnashed her teeth in her rage and sent her daemons to harry the Children of Sol unto the ends of Ayr.

But the Children of Sol had splintered over the surface of Ayr like Sol’s Breath when He created life, and the daemons were not able to find them all. And so the Children of Sol multiplied and filled Ayr with their progeny, each tribe according to type in their corner of Ayr.


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MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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