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Old 97's Drinking Game

In honor of my friend Chris' birthday today and the mariachi drinking game we used to play in our youth, I came up with a drinking game for my favorite band, the Old 97's. I should probably note that this game is meant to be played SIPPING on a drink rather than taking shots. Because if you took shots, you would flat out die.

How to Play

Put together a playlist of your favorite Old 97's songs and then put it on shuffle/ random.

Take a swig when:

You get some sweet, sweet banjo action (once per song is enough unless you're especially hard core)

A phone is mentioned

Cigarettes/ booze/ drugs are mentioned

A person's name is mentioned

x2 swigs if it's one of the band members

x3 swigs if you know the person mentioned personally

Someone breaks out some falsetto or yodelling (best played with live albums in the mix)

A place name is mentioned

x2 if you've been there

x3 if you're currently there

Marriage is mentioned (fairly rare)

Infidelity is mentioned (more frequent)

Murder/ death is mentioned (more frequent still)

Rhett is not the lead singer

x2 if it's not Murry

They sing a cover

x2 if you didn't know it was a cover until someone pointed it out just now

You hear a curse word (this used to be a lot less frequent)

The game continues until everyone's too drunk to remember the rules. The winner is the host of the event if no one boots on his/her things.

There are seldom winners.

Optional a-hole rule:

If you know a factoid about the band that just came up in the song, say that Melt was the original name of Funland, or the real reason why they wouldn't be there if the Athenia hadn't sunk; point to someone and say "factoid" (or a-hole, or whatever). If no one challenges you on it, the person you pointed to has to take three sips.

But if anyone accepts your challenge and gives the same factoid, you must chug whatever drink you have in hand with extreme prejudice.

This may sound like a fun little twist on the game, but I assure you it devolves into fistfights rather quickly. Mainly because there's always one a-hole who thinks he's impressing everyone with his knowledge when all he's doing is pissing them off. Usually this a-hole is me.

Anyways, happy birthday, Chris.


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