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A Nerdy Walking Tour Of My Long Beach Neighborhood

I lucked out by ending up in Long Beach. After many years freezing our nethers off in the Northeast, the wife and I moved out to the West Coast to try my hand at the whole screenwriting thing. We knew nothing of Long Beach at the time, only picking it out on the map because it was halfway between LA and my wife's work. Thank God for that, because I could not think of a better town to cool our heels for the last five years. There's loads of things to love in the LBC, from the nearby beach and free bluff yoga to the many, MANY bars I've availed myself to, but love is a funny thing: It may be the obvious attributes that attract you to something/ one, but it's the little things that you end up e

Breaking Up With Star Wars Is Hard To Do

Star Wars: A New Hope came out the year before I was born, and I can say without a hint of hyperbole that I was raised on Star Wars. Although I didn’t own all the action figures, I can certainly say it wasn’t for a lack of trying, and I honestly believe fashioning my own stories out of these toys in my fledgling form of fan fiction is what inspired me to be a writer today. There was a summer in middle school, I know for a fact I watched one of the original trilogies (plus the forgotten Ewok Adventures) every day. I knew them by heart so well, I could leave for the bathroom quoting it and return still synced with the dialogue. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say Star Wars is pretty seminal in my

SPFBO Round One Brackets Winner and Some Thoughts

A long while ago (or at least it seems long ago), I set up a SPFBO brackets for people to bet on who would move forward in this year’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and… well, the results were less than stellar. I only had 16 entrants (three of which were me), and I wonder if culling through 300 books to guess at which ones would gain some traction was perhaps too daunting for people to take part. I mean, Mark outsources the work to ten bloggers, and then many of them again divvy up the task, meaning that trying to predict anything out of this is akin to a crapshoot. However, there was one competitor who blew everyone else away, a man who, when the average was 21 points, scored a whopping


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