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Ring Giveaway Winners

This one will be short and sweet, with the video below of who the winners will be. Sorry for the delay on announcing this, but it was my first giveaway (probably not my last), and I didn't think of a means of tracking new followers on Facebook until too late. But live and let learn. Whatever doesn't kill you and all that.

Anyways, here's the video of the selection process. I made the video so there would be no whiff of impropriety but didn't realize until after the fact you can't actually see the random numbers generated. So please forgive me there and I'll try and do better next time. But, in case you don't want to watch said video, the winners are as follows:

Russian wedding ring 1: Sherill Blanchard

Russian wedding ring 2: ML Spencer

Puau (sic) shell ring: Phil Tucker

Tiger Iron ring: Laura Hughes

Thanks for all who entered, and best of luck to everyone else when I do one of these again.



Hi this is Sherill Blanchard...i just saw that i won and look forward to hearing from you...Thank You!!!

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