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Ezria and the Giant

[From the Biba Sacara Book 7, Chapter 12]

Now the people of Yestia turned against the will of Sol and gathered together an army against their rightful king Tomaz. And so Tomaz called out to his people, saying Let all men of age come forth that we might repel these usurpers.

Among Tomaz’ subjects was the shepherd Cor who obeyed his king’s call and gathered his sons to him to depart for the Philo army. Cor also had a daughter named Ezria who desired to do the will of Sol along with her brothers. So she brought her knife to their gathering and said, Let us defend Philo as one and smite the unrighteous. But Cor sent his daughter away, saying unto her, Warfare is not for one so small as you.

But Ezria followed her father and brothers at a distance to the Philo camp where she arrived two days later since her legs were shorter than theirs. And there at the valley of Ahl the Philo army set up camp across from the army of Yestia.

Among the Yestia army there was a giant who stood five heads taller than any man alive. And he had a helmet made of iron and coat of mail and greaves that covered him head to foot and weighed as much as a cart and oxen. And the giant carried an ax the width of a millstone with a shaft like a spear that took four men to lift though the giant carried it with one hand as a man would a sword.

And the giant was the champion of the Yestia army and each day cried to the armies of Philo, Why are you afraid if you do the will of Sol? Will not one man come down to me? And if he were to kill me then we will be your servants. But if I prevail and kill him, then you shall serve us and your children serve ours until the end of their days.

And upon hearing the giant’s words King Tomaz and the Philo people were dismayed and sore afraid.

But when Ezria arrived at the Philo camp she heard the giant’s taunts and was enraged that he would mock the will of Sol. So Ezria did what her father and brothers would not and stepped forth to face the Yestia champion.

When King Tomaz saw Ezria standing alone against the giant he was dismayed and brought forth armor to gird the girl. But the armor would not fit, the helm too heavy for her to wear. And Tomaz was dismayed but Ezria said, Why do you mourn when I will be victorious? Sol walks with me, and so I need no armor and no helm. Sol has protected me from the lions and beasts of the field, and so I will face the giant with what Sol has given me already.

And so Ezria stepped forth to do battle with the giant armed only with her knife.

The giant towered above Ezria, and upon seeing the small girl and her knife that seemed but a speck he bellowed laughter. So sure of his strength and Ezria’s weakness, the giant told her he would not kill her until she had struck him once.

But Ezria was not afraid because she knew she did the will of Sol. So she walked around the giant once and gazed at his head high above. But she could not find any space between his helm and mail when she finished her circle, and the people of Philo despaired.

But Ezria was still not afraid as she circled the giant a second time, this time gazing at his coat of mail. Again she could see no space between his mail and greaves and the giant mocked her and the people of Philo all the more.

But upon her third circle around the giant Ezria gazed down at his feet and noticed a space where his mail met his boots where there was no armor. Then Sol guided her hand as Ezria drew her little knife and cut him there. And when she did his leg failed him and the giant fell upon the ground so hard the hills shook.

And there on the ground his armor that weighed as much as a cart and oxen was too heavy for him to rise again. And so Ezria again took her little knife and drove it into his eye from whence the giant bled until his Breath departed him.

Upon seeing their champion felled by Ezria, the Yestia army fled. And the Philo people pursued them, cutting down until the night sky was alive with their dying Breath.

Then King Tomaz brought Ezria before him along with her father and brothers. And he said unto them, Truly your daughter has done the will of Sol. And so I will take her as my wife when she comes of age.

So Ezria, daughter of Cor, became queen of the Philo people. And King Tomaz presenting her the skull of the giant as a wedding gift.

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MD Presley is a screenwriter, blogger and occasional novelist… which basically means he’s a layabout.  He has written two books on fantasy worldbuilding, and teaches worldbuilding techniques, tricks, and tips at Forging Fantasy Realms once a week on YouTube. 

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