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Ode to Tool

If the playlists I used to host here and occasionally do now over at The Fantasy Hive didn’t clue you in yet, music plays a large part of my life and writing. So much so that, inspired by High Fidelity, I did once organize all 700+ albums of mine autobiographically. And with Tool finally breaking a 13-year hiatus that spanned more than a full American administration (thanks, Obama?), I thought I’d speak about how much their music has affected me over the decades. So buckle up for a bit of a love letter here. You see, Undertow was the very first CD I ever bought. Yes, I had the requisite cassettes of Pearl Jam and Soul Asylum all 90s kids were issued upon adolescence, but I did not yet posses

Fantasy Jewelry Giveaway!

Since a very eponymous piece of jewelry played such a big role in The Woven Ring, I figured a giveaway is in order to celebrate it being only $.99 for the month of August. So take a few seconds and makes some clicks to win one of four sterling silver rings hand-crafted by the author himself (me!). TLDR: Follow me and share on Twitter/ Facebook to score bling. The long version won’t actually be much longer. My hobby outside of writing is making jewelry, which I have discovered people want a lot more than my books. So, since it is so important in those books, it felt fitting to do a giveaway for these rings. The rules are simple. Enter by: Following me on Twitter Following my page on Facebook

Building Some Bix Sticks

I planned on adding to my worldbuilding/ maps section of my website tonight detailing how to do all the Bix sticks readings, with a follow up post (this one) detailing my process in making them. But, as I’ve never learned from my favorite joke (Q: How do you make God laugh? A: Make a plan.), things did not work as intended, and so we’re going in reverse order. So let’s do some process work with a few readings maybe next week. But first, why the hell did I decide to make some Bix sticks? Well, firstly, it had to do with the launch of my collection of short stories and myths this week, including the story of where they came from, which I put up last week in another low-effort post. Also, becau

The First Bix Sticks

I thought I'd dust off this old chestnut, which is from Tales of Ayr, which you can either download for free or preorder on Amazon for its release on August 15th. In part because I just edited book one and remembered how much Luca's bix sticks are mentioned. So I thought I'd share where they came from and why they're important to his people. Secondly, I've developed my own divination system to go along with bix sticks, and have decided to make my own this weekend. With any luck I'll even do some readings on the ol' Twitter, so look for those if you want a random fellow to tell you your future based upon some sticks he painted to add some flavor to the world he made up. But, considering how L


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