Character Epithets and Affectations

Last time we discussed character castes and how the further you get down the totem pole the less memorable the characters are to audiences. They are only defined by their roles, so as to make them more recognizable, screenwriters employ the “limp and an eyepatch” to give these miniscule characters something for the audience to remember. But we obviously want our Protagonists and Main Characters to be even more memorable. Yes, these top two positions on the character pyramid need to be multi-faceted and dimensional, but it never hurts to have one defining trait, role, skill or item that defines them. I mean really, where would Luke Skywalker be without his lightsaber, Gandalf without his magi

The Imbued Lockblade Is Live!

Wow, a second book. I guess I have to officially start referring to myself as an "author" rather than "a guy who has wrote a book" now. The Imbued Lockblade has probably been available on Amazon for a long while now actually since it’s been on preorder for the last month or so and waiting for midnight of the 20th to roll around to go live. Hopefully the paperback is also available at this point, though that depends a lot on the Amazon spirits (read: outsourced folks in other countries who do not speak English as a mother tongue, but still find problems with my grammar). Not kidding, I spent the vast majority of yesterday getting that paperback file in order and have had oral surgeries that w

Why No Updates Lately?

While this is definitely a blog, one I draw from my personal experience to write, I do try and keep my personal and public lives separate in this space. In fact, as an inveterate introvert, sharing anything on social media is a bit of an anathema to me. But this is my public face, so I probably owe it to the three people who read this a month to let you know what's going on. I could write a full blog post about what's going on, but I figure the picture will probably save me a thousand words: Only two days old and already needs a haircut. Yep, that right there is my spawn, my little angelic monster whose only goal seems to be ensuring no one but him sleeps more than four hours a day (and neve

Seared Dragon Steaks

In the fantasy beast food chain, on creature stands supreme; an apex predator all fear: The dragon. With no natural predators, the dragon eats others at its leisure while never fearing ending up on the dinner plate itself. Which is partially why dragons are so delicious. In eating them, one inverts the natural order as well as tickling the taste buds, making the consumer not just equal the majestic creatures, but their superior. Simply put, by eating a dragon, one becomes temporarily immortal. Which might explain why the cost of a single dragon steak could bankrupt a small nation. And being as that if you’ve got to the time to waste reading this post, chances are you aren’t burdened with the

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