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Okay, wow, it's almost been two months since I updated this blog, which is kind of disappointing. Not that I particularly like blogging, mind you, but it's one of those things you're expected to do when you're an author so as to... I don't know, keep up a social media presence or something. Prove you're a real person and not really a collective of squirrels dressed up in a trenchcoat maybe? Anyways, I'm reevaluating that belief, but we'll get to that in a bit. The big news is that I've got a new collection of myths, legends, and folktales that take place within the world of Ayr. Also, it's FREE here on the site, so you should get it. Yes, you have to sign up for the Sigil newsletter to get i

MD Presley is a proud member of Sigil Independent, a guild for self-published fantasy authors. Please check out their site and grab all sorts of free goodies. 

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