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New Map, Who Dis?

As I mentioned last week, I recently engaged an actual cartographer, the immeasurable Soraya Corcoran, to create a new map for Newfield and just received the finished product last night. We’ll get to that in a second below, but I want to ramble a bit about fantasy maps while I got you here. Now some fantasy authors (Mark Lawrence, I’m looking your direction), don’t really truck with the map, but I stand far on the opposite camp. There’s just something magical about fantasy maps, something that makes you want to hunker over them and trace the characters’ journey with your fingertip. Maps, to me, are an integral part of worldbuilding and just make the world seem more real and act as the key th

Update on Book Three

To both of you that read this blog, let me apologize for not posting last week. I'll blame illness, but there's a 84.2% chance laziness was also involved. But know I have not been entirely idle. In fact, having learned a thing or two about how to release a book over the last two years, I've been gearing up for the release of book three in mid December for several months now. But before we get to that, let me regale you with my second favorite joke: Q: How do you make God laugh? A: Make a plan. That there sums up the release of book three pretty well. I had big plans of getting in touch with loads of review bloggers (about halfway through this at the moment) to do the basic sort of stuff like

Self-Publishing and the Many Hats

This is probably the least original post idea there is for a self-publisher, and I’m sure if I googled “self-publishing hats” I’d be inundated by articles just like this one will turn out to be. But if the shoe fits, wear it, which means I’ll be throwing my hat in the ring to both mix and abuse some more metaphors. I decided to write this post because I was suffering from a bit of the blogging block at trying to figure out what to write about this week. I have my usual blogging topics: Bugbear BBQ, Screenplay Techniques, Odes, and the return of Payday Stories, but none of them were really tickling my fancy. And, as any self-publishing guru will tell you, you need a blog for potential readers


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