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Brief Blogging Hiatus and Future Writing Schedule

As this ever so clever title has probably hinted at, I’m going to be taking a two-month hiatus from blogging here. As if there wasn’t already a fairly shoddy and haphazard update schedule already in place. But I thought I’d inform all three of my readers as to the why of it. I’ve mentioned before how we have a new addition to the family, which I compare to being in a terrible wreck and losing a limb: It is a hugely life changing event that will forever divide your life into a before/ after. This is not to say you still can’t do all the same things you used to do. If you used to climb mountains, you certainly still can without a limb. Thing is, you’re going to have to learn how to do all thos

You Can’t Have a Character Arc Without a Character Flaw

It’s fairly universally understood these days that your protagonist, and probably a few major characters as well, MUST have a character arc in your story. So much so we deduct 20% from that section at the screenplay evaluation company I work for if an arc isn’t readily apparent. Personally, I don’t really totally agree with these draconian rules. I mean, pretty much every character Clint Eastwood played throughout the 70-80s was exactly the same at the end of the story as he was at the beginning. Same with my favorite barbarian Conan – he’s entirely unchanged at the end of each of Howard’s stories as he was at the beginning (I just looked it up, and apparently I’ve made this argument before

Ode to Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)

Oh man, this was one of my favorite horror films for many a year. But I guess I should introduce it properly first. Cemetery Man (or Dellamorte Dellamore as it is known in its home of Italy) is a zombie film… but also an art film and a pretty existential examination of the human condition. Also a comedy. About a cemetery caretaker who decides it’s easier to just shoot the dead when they come back to life than fill out the paperwork. Because no one believes him anyways. Yes, that may be my favorite pitch of all times. And yeah, this was one of my favorite horror films for many a year, starting as a freshman in college. Those were the days when we’d regularly stay up til far too late watching


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