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Smoked Easter Bunny

As much as we at Bugbear BBQ try to avoid the cliche of seasonal/ holiday recipes, we cannot hide our glee when it comes to this culinary treat: Barbecued Easter Bunny. Because, let’s be honest here, the Easter Bunny is pretty creepy. Not quite Tooth Fairy creepy, what with her slipping into your house while you sleep to purchase sloughed off pieces of you (and, you know, also being a fairy), but still pretty creepy. Seriously, what is the mythology behind a huge, bipedal rabbit that sneaks into your home to hide hard boiled or candy filled eggs? Something about Jesus? Maybe? Anyways, we at Bugbear BBQ take full advantage of the Easter season by thinning out the Easter Bunny numbers as best

Tour My Office

With all the guest blogs I've been doing of late (another will be coming out on Fantasy Book Critic and hopefully Fantasy Hive UK real soon), I've really been neglecting my own blog. And although I swore I wouldn't resort to another low effort post, here we are. I will point out that I did have a new Bugbear BBQ post ready to go, but then I looked at it and realized there was no humor there; it was just a recipe for chili (albeit a damn good recipe if I do say so myself). So I scrapped it, snapped some photos of my office, and am pretending this counts as my weekly blog post. You should hopefully all be happy to know I've started on book three this week, so there's loads of progress all arou

Original Prologue to The Woven Ring

Sorry, another low effort blog post here, but I thought I'd bring this out of cold storage. This was my original prologue, which I thankfully cut when a friend read it and said "you're making the Phantom Menace mistake by opening with a bunch of guys sitting around discussing politics." At which point I tried to kill it with fire. Yet it somehow survived long enough for me to torture anyone who want to read it now. Some familiar faces appear, others hinted at, and still others who are referred to quite a bit in the story itself but never show up. “In the beginning there was Sol and Sol found the empty Ayr. Weeping at its desolation, Sol sacrificed Himself, His being fragmenting into the Brea


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